The oracle myth

oraculoGreeks of antiquity believed in every kind of myth. They created a religion based on fantastic stories and with time these stories became history. The Greek mythology tells that destiny was weaved by three old witches called “Parcas”, and only the god´s could change it. That is the cause for the existence of the word “oracle”. Sometimes the Greeks preferred to ask Apollo’s god what would happen in the future and they did it in the “Delphos Oracle”. For that reason, if you search the Oracle word in a dictionary you will find this definition: “A shrine where an oracular god is consulted”. The meaning of “oracle” has changed, in the media world the oracle isn´t a place, is a person who said something, who knows what will happen in the future with the stock markets, who has a clear view of the financial world. Sometimes he can change the course of the river only saying “I think this is a good investment”. If he says that, maybe the tide will follow him. But when the tide arrives he changes direction exploiting the wave.

I think that the difference between an “oracle” and a “stupid broker” is that, the first uses his common sense and only goes with the tide if he can use or take it. The opposite is a “stupid broker” who thinks he must follow tide or die because he doesn´t know where the wind blows. Nobody has the correct answers about what will happen in the future. Such as the tide, the stupid broker assume that the future will be similar to the recent past but the future is uncertain. No gods will tell you the future; no oracle will help you because they are sharks waiting for the great opportunity. If you are like a little fish in the middle of mass turbulence you need to be agile, quick, and intelligent.

  2 comments for “The oracle myth

  1. dtordable
    05/02/2009 at 10:17

    Siempe me hagustado la mitología, lo que pasa esque ya sabes que mi inglés no es mu bueno. en fin Jaume saludos desde España.

  2. dtordable
    05/02/2009 at 10:19

    Por cierto me gusta eso del voto para cada entrada. Ya me dirás cómo ponerlo.

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