And the winner is Obama, The “BLACK” man is President, OUH YES…!!!

Despite Obama´s has Afroamerican origins and shares his middle name with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam “Hussein”, he has been elected with the support of the majority of Americans. His message of hope and change and his speeches are so far the best I have ever listened. Both, his strategy of internet campainging and his determination of fight and change have flourished.
Now it is his turn to face the consequences of his acts. He will have not only to lead a country in one of the worst economic scenario of the past decades but also to strengthen the strings of power and influence that surround the White House: the CIA, the FBI and other political lobbies. Only time will tell if these traditional institutions will stand by Obama’s side.
Now, I think, will change flourish? can it be possible?

  3 comments for “And the winner is Obama, The “BLACK” man is President, OUH YES…!!!

  1. Christian C.Taylor
    05/11/2008 at 17:55

    Obama is definetely the man. I couldnt wait to see the final result. And he won. I hope this brings changes in the way of governing the world, cos theres no need to say that Bush did nothing but crap. Come on Obama, you can do well.

  2. dtordable
    09/11/2008 at 03:31, la página para escribir sugerencias a Obama, prometen cambiar el mundo! Estos demócratas…..

  3. curreles
    19/11/2008 at 19:55

    If you think Obama is going to change the world jut for bein black you gotta be kiddin. Hes black but hes always been with white peple in white colleges and in harvards university, i mean, weare not talkin about a black raised in the streets with a huge knowledge in people problems, but also we see a man raised as a white with a whites person behavieur. fuck u all and fuck you obama

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